Miscellaneous notes

Notes from Workshop 5: 12 January 1996

Shawn Sheridan participated by telephone.

The MathLink Proposal

Mike Seppala requested clarification of the MathLink proposal. Shawn Sheridan recalled that MathLink will be made public domain if OpenMath uses it, and OpenMath becomes accepted as an international standard. It was concluded that official confirmation from WRI of this situation must be obtained. Shawn reiterated that free copies of Mathematica would be made available for prototyping purposes inside OpenMath.

Availability of ASAP

Stephen Watt summaried the Communications Committee report for those unfamiliar with it. He pointed out that ASAP is available for public ftp. Previously ASAP had been available only for Unix platforms but a version for PC-windows now exists. INRIA is willing to place ASAP in the public domain, and both source code (in C) and documentation are available via anonymous ftp. Some technical support for ASAP may be obtained from INRIA, but the documentation is not complete enough to allow reimplementation in LISP, say. The PhD thesis of Alain Sausse (in French) contains more details. The main advantage of ASAP over MathLink is that ASAP is "free"; the main disadvantage is that ASAP is not as slick as commercial software.

MP is also public domain, with source in C available via anonymous ftp. MP does not offer an "urgent channel".

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