A. Strotmann: Proposal presented at 5th OpenMath Workshop, Bath.

With corrections that came up during the discussion.

OpenMath Layer: Data Structure

Even though this is a realistic proposal for an OpenMath data structure layer, other possibilities do exist in the literature, e.g. ASAP. The primary purposes here are to provide an example that may help clarify the distinction between OpenMath's data structure and expression layers, and to serve as a starting point for the discussions during this workshop.

Atomic Data Structures

Compound Data Structures

Some reasons

Some issues

Labels and Backreferences should be added in above.

BigInts: there are several possible representations for these, e.g.

Proposal: use such data structures plus the information that the data structure is in fact meant to represent an object of mathematical type Integer (in other words: the representation proper is on this level, but assigning the meaning of "integer" to it is on the next level up).

Arrays, BigFloats, Handles (see above): similar to the BigInt issue

Symbols: may need to have additional info in a distributed computation environment, such as handles refering to owning process or link, scope...

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