OpenMath Workshops

A series of workshops was sponsored in part by the European Community's HCM Network "Editing and Computing" (also called HCM Network OpenMath).

Workshop 1

The First OpenMath Workshop took place at the Department of Mathematical Computation, ETH Zurich in December 1993. The preliminary report on the workshop stimulated discussion on the OpenMath mailing list.

Workshop 2

The Second OpenMath Workshop took place on 18-19 July 1994 (just before ISSAC'94) at St. Catherine's College, Oxford University. Much of the material from the proceedings is available online; a complete paper copy may be obtained from
Prof. Dr. G. Gonnet
Institut für Wissenschaftliches Rechnen
CH-8092 Zürich

Workshop 3

The third OpenMath Workshop took place on 9-10 February 1995 at RIACA (Research Institute for Applications of Computer Algebra) in Amsterdam. A workshop schedule and scanned copies of slides presented at the workshop are available.

Workshop 4

The fourth OpenMath Workshop took place on 1-2 September 1995 in Copenhagen. The workshop schedule and scanned copies of slides presented at the workshop are available.

Workshop 5

The fifth OpenMath Workshop was held on 12-13 January 1996 at the University of Bath. This workshop had relatively few presentations, and instead most time was spent in discussion groups particularly addressing some problems highlighted by the then most recent prototype. A few notes are available.

Workshop 6

The sixth OpenMath workshop was held immediately after the ISSAC conference in Zurich on Saturday 27th and Sunday 28th July 1996. HTML or (gzipped) PostScript versions of most of the slides presented are available. In case you are interested, the names and email addresses of those who attended the workshop are recorded.

Workshop 7

The seventh OpenMath workshop was held in Dublin on 7-8th December 1996. You may look at copies of some of the slides shown there. Also available is a list of participants.

Other Workshops

The following workshops also took place, but there are no slides or proceedings available.